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            Xinjing Decoration Materials Manufactory were founded in 1988 and is a professional metal decoration product manufacturer in China. We have over 30 years' experience in manufacturing ceilings / aluminum curtain walls and sun louver. Our annual production is more than millions of square meters currently. 

            Xinjing Decoration is an international tectonic metal decoration material manufactory distributing products to all over the world especially Asian market. Our product range almost covers all metal ceiling tiles(square tiles, grids ceiling, lath ceiling), metal exterior spray-paints and relative tectonic materials such as metal ceiling suspensions, metal groove shape products and aluminum panels for outside walls. Our decoration products are widely used by many hotels, offices......

            • We Pass SGS Audited Supplier

              We Pass SGS Audited Supplier Congratulation for successful completion of Audited
              Supplier by SGS! This auditing mainly assess our factory ISO management system
              and its operation, quality managemen...

            • Ceiling Function

              The function which gives the smallest integer , shown as the thick curve in the above plot. Schroeder
              (1991) calls the ceiling function symbols the "gallows" because of the
              similarity in appearance...

            • In the quarter-finals with Curtain walls of Brand

              In the face of China's economic development process of China's
              doors and windows, curtain wall industry has been developing a broad space. In
              such a good environment, we focus on energy-saving const...

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